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Islas Virgenes Británicas
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Alphy Rock - Alphy Rock

Anderson Ghut - Anguila Point

Apple Bay - Apple Bay

Arundel Ghut - Arundel Ghut

Asbestos Point - Asbestos Point


Bail's Ground - Bay Hill

Beef Island Channel - Betty Brown Rock

Big Fry Hole - Biras Hill

Black Bluff - Blunder Bay

Bones Bight - Boo Point

Brandywine Bay - Brown Ghut

Buck Island - Burt Point


Cabey Point - Casey Bay

Changes Point - Cherry Ghut

Cinnamon Ghut - Cistern Point

Clark Rock - Clark Rock

Cockroach Island - Cow Wreck Low Point

Crabbe Hill Kitchen Point - Crooks Bay

Cucumber Point - Cucumber Point


Dead Chest - Devils Bay

Diamond Cay - Dim Don Point

Dog Hole Point - Dog Islands

Drake's Channel - Dry Rocks

Du Bois Point - Dustry Point


East End Bay - East South Bay

Eustatia Island - Eustatia Sound


Fagic Point - Fat Hogs Bay

Fischer Point - Fishers Cove

Flamingo Pond - Flat Rock Bay

Fort Burt Hotel - Fox Rock

Frenchmans Cay - Freshwater Pond


Garden Ghut - Gauling Nest

George Dog - Georgy Hole Point

Ginger Garden Point - Ginger Island

Gnat Point - Gnat Point

Gorda Rock - Governor Ghut

Grape Tree Landing - Groupers Nest

Guana Hole - Gun Point


Half Moon Point - Hay Point

Hell Hole - Herman Reefs

Hog Rock Bluff - Horse Shoe


Iles des Vierges - Iles des Vierges


Jabut Hill Ghut - James Ghut

Joe Bay - Jost Van Dykes


Keel Point - Key Point

King Rock - Kitto Ghut


Lances Bluff - Las Viergenes

Lee Bay - Leverick Bay

Little Anegada Island - Little Wickham's Cay

Loblolly Bay - Lower Soldier Bay


Machineel Bay - Maya Rocks

Mercurius Rock - Mercurius Rock

Money Bay - Mountain Trunk Bay

Murdering Hole - Muskmelon Bay

Myall Point - Myall Point


Nail Bay Point - Nanny Cay

Necker Island Passage - New Bush Ghut

Nora Hazel Point - Northern Point

Nutmeg Point - Nutmeg Point


Obie Ghut - Obie Ghut

Oil Nut Bay - Oil Nut Bay

Old Jerusalem - Old Jerusalem

On the Cay Hollow Point - On the Cay Hollow Point

Opuntia Point - Opuntia Point

Oyster Rock - Oyster Rock


Pajaros Point - Paraquita Bay

Pearl Point - Peters Island

Pictard Ghut - Pictard Ghut

Pleasant Valley Ghut - Plum Tree Bay

Point Pajaro - Port Purcell

Presidency of Virgin Islands - Privateer Bay

Pull and be Damn Point - Purcell Ghut


Quart-a-Nancy Point - Quart-a-Nancy Point


Rat Point - Rat Point

Red Bluff - Reel Point

Ringdove Rock - Rivet Hill

Road Bay - Round Rock

Ruffling Point - Ruffling Point


Saba Rock - Savannah Bay

Scotch Bank - Scrub Island

Sea Cow Bay - Setting Point

Shannon Ghut - Shoe Hill Ghut

Sir Francis Drake Channel - Sir Francis Drake Channel

Slaney Hill - Slaney Point

Small Fry Hole - Small West End

Soldier Bay - South Sound

Spanish Town - Spring Bay

Steele Point - Stony Bay


Table Bay - Taylors Bay

Tetor Bay - Tetor Bay

Thatch Island Cut - Throw Way Wife Bay

Tobago Island - Towing Point

Treasure Point - Trunk Bay

Turn Ghut - Turtle Head

Two Ghut - Two Ghut


Upper Bens Bay - Upper Soldier Bay


Valley Ghut - Vanterpool Ghut

Virgin Gorda Island - Vixen Point


Walkover Set Bay - Watson Rock

Wedgeo Bay - West South Bay

Whale Banks - White Rock

Windlass Bight - Windy Hill


Zinums Ghut - Zinums Ghut

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