FUENTE: National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, Bethesda, MD, USA

'R' Lake (historical) - R.V. Phinney Elementary School

R3 Pool - R3 Structure Dam

"Raymond Bice, Junior House" - Rabbittown Missionary Baptist Church

Ralph Korte Stadium Bob Guelker Soccer Field - Rambin School

Rambin - Ramrod Eddy

Ramrod Key - Ramshorn Bay

Ramshorn Brook - Rancho del Venado

Rancho deTrujillo - Randall Mountain

Randall Mullins Lake Dam - Randolph School

Randolph School - Rankin Acres

Rankin Airport - Rapid Stream Valley

Rapid Stream - Rast Pond

Rasta Ranch Vineyards And Nursery - Rattle River

Rabbittown - Racepath Branch

Rattle Rock Saddle - Rattlesnake Draw Reservoir

Rattlesnake Draw - Rattlesnake Ridge

Rattlesnake Ridge - Raven Hill

Raven Hill - Rawhide Spring

Rawhide Spring - Ray Lake

Ray Lewis Park - Raymond Quarry

Raymond R Corbett Building - Razzle Creek

Racepath Branch - Radfords Ford

Radha Raman Vedic Temple - Ragged Brook

Ragged Brook - Rail X Ranch

Rail's End Mobile Home Park - Rainbow Cove

Rainbow Creek Research Natural Area - Rainbow Rock

Rainbow Rock - Rainy Lake

Rainy Lake - Ralph Ketchum Lake

RB Tank - RBW Campground

RC and Celeste Wahlert Atrium - Rct Christian Renewal Ministry

RD Mitchell Park - RD-6 Water Well

Re Mansfield Dam - Real Arriba

Red Mountain - Red Point Hill

Red Point Hills - Red Rock Ridge

Red Rock Ridge - Red Star Post Office (historical)

Red Star Ravine - Red Wing School

Red Wing Shoe Museum - Redeemer Church

Redeemer Church - Redhorn Peak

Redhorse Creek - Redpoll Creek

Redpoll Lake - Redwood Middle School

Redwood Middle School - Reed Gap

Reed Gap - Reeds Bay Beach Park

Real Barrio (inactive) - Record Creek

Reeds Bay - Reedy Creek

Reedy Creek - Reese Run

Reese School (historical) - Reformed Church of Palos Heights

Reformed Church of Piermont - Regina Laudis Priory

Regina Library - Reid Cemetery

Reid Cemetery - Reinhardt Spring

Reinhardt - Remlik

Remlinger Fish Farm - Rennet Bag Recreation Area

Renney Dam - Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints - Research Triangle Park

Record Grove - Red Bird River Church

Research Triangle State Park - Reservoir Number 1

Reservoir Number 1 - Rest Post Office (historical)

Rest Post Office (historical) - Retreat

Retreat - Revling Spur

Revloc - Reynolds Church

Reynolds Circle Lake - Rezzies Child Care Center

Red Bird River - Red Butte

Red Butte - Red Creek

Red Creek - Red Hill Branch

Red Hill Branch - Red Hill

Red Hill - Red Lake

Red Lake - Red Mountain

Rf Wellcome Dam - Rf Wellcome Dam

RG 10949 Water Well - RG-27604 Water Well

RG-27605 Water Well - RG9302-S-2 Water Well

RH Ernest 1 Water Well - Rhodes Creek

Rhodes Creek - Rhyse

RI AI Canoga Park B/2 Helistop - Rice Drain

Ricks Lake - Ridge Elementary School

Ridge Elementary School - Ridgecrest

Ridgecroft School - Ridgeway Church

Ridgeway Church - Riegelwood

Rieger Creek - Riggsville Post Office (historical)

Riggsville - Right Fork Swannanoa River

Right Fork Sweet Lips Creek - Riley Cove

Riley Cove - Rim Rocks

Rim Run - Rincon

Rincon - Ringwood Industrial Park

Rice Drain - Rice Springs Branch

Ringwood Iron Plant Mine - Rio Vista Assembly of God Church

Rio Vista Baptist Center - Ripsnorter Creek

Ripstein Campground - Ritch-Leaphart Hospital (historical)

Ritchal - Rivendell School

Rivendell School - River Island Park

River Island Park - River Run East Public Use Area

River Run Public Use Area - Rivercrest Trailer Park

Rivercrest - Riverpark Shopping Center

Riverpark - Riverside Cemetery

Riverside Cemetery - Riverside Mine

Rice Springs Estates - Rich Mountain

Riverside Mine - Riverside School

Riverside School - Riverview Cemetery

Riverview Cemetery - Riverview

Riverview - Rizzo Pond

Rich Mountain - Richards Lake Number 1

Richards Lake Number 2 Dam - Richardson Rock

Richardson Run - Richland Church

Richland Church - Richman High School (historical)

Richman Mountain - Richmond

Richmond - Ricks Lake Dam

RKO Ranch - RKO Ranch

Rl Number One Mine - RLDS Colonia

RMC Brook Path - RMCC Number Eight Mine

Rnk Ranch Airport - RNOP Cemetery

Ro Ellen Division (historical) - Road Run

Robinson Bayou - Robinson Gap

Robinson Gap - Robinson Spring

Robinson Spring - Roche Harbor

Roche Harbor - Rock Buffalo School (historical)

Rock Butte Creek - Rock Creek Church

Rock Creek Church - Rock Creek

Rock Creek - Rock Creek

Rock Creek - Rock Hall

Rock Hall - Rock House Tank

Rock House Tank - Rock Mesa

Road Run - Roanoke Sound

Rock Methodist Church - Rock Run Church

Rock Run Church - Rock Spring

Rock Spring - Rock Trick Tank

Rock Union School (historical) - Rockefeller University Hospital

Rockefeller University - Rockhouse Hole

Rockhouse Hollow - Rockport Post Office (historical)

Rockport Post Office (historical) - Rockwell Spring

Rockwell Spring - Rocky Branch

Rocky Branch - Rocky Creek

Rocky Creek - Rocky Gap Run

Roanoke Sports Complex - Roaring Run

Rocky Gap Spring - Rocky Mound Church

Rocky Mound Hill - Rocky Point

Rocky Point - Rocky Run

Rocky Run - Rodeo Flat

Rodeo Flat - Roe Creek

Roe Deer Spring - Rogers Cemetery

Rogers Cemetery - Rogers Police Department

Rogers Pond (historical) - Rokeby (historical)

Rokeby (historical) - Rolling Greens Golf Course

Rolling Greens Mobile Home Park Library - Rollinson Channel Light

Roaring Run - Robbins Hill

Rollinson Channel Light - Romero PLC Water Well

Romero Post Office (historical) - Roof Pond

Roof Spring - Roosevelt Middle School

Roosevelt Middle School - Root River

Root River - Rosby Post Office (historical)

Rosby - Rose Dome

Rose Drain Eight - Rose Hill School (historical)

Rose Hill School (historical) - Rose Spring

Rose Springs (historical) - Rosedale Beach

Rosedale Bend - Roselawn Residence Hall

Robbins Hill - Robert Emmet Mine

Roselawn School (historical) - Rosenwald School (historical)

Rosenwald School (historical) - Roslin Post Office (historical)

Roslin School - Ross Hollow

Ross Hollow - Rossman Gap

Rossman Gulch - Rothlisburg School

Rothman - Rough Mountain Wilderness

Rough Mountain - Round Hill

Round Hill - Round Lake

Round Lake - Round Mountain

Round Mountain - Round Ridge Cemetery

Robert Emmet Mine - Roberts Bayou

Round Rock Baptist Church - Round Willows

Round-A-Bout Mobile Home Park - Route 108 Cemetery

Route 124 Plaza Shopping Center - Rowena Post Office (historical)

Rowena Post Office (historical) - Roxie Theatre

Roxie's Place Park - Royal Mountain

Royal Mountain - Royston Chapel

Royston Commercial Historic District - Rozzelle Bridge

Roberts Bench - Roberts Meadow Reservoir

Roberts Meadow - Robertson Ranch

Robertson Ranch - Robinson Bayou Revetment

RP Cow Camp - RP Cow Camp

RR Tank - RR3-Baca 17 Water Well

RS AG - Land Airport - RS-8 Water Well

RT Seaway Eisenhower Vessel Traffic Control - RTR Middle School

Ru Ranch - Ruby Mountains

Russell Mill - Rusia Post Office

Rusia Town (historical) - Ruth Dykeman Center

Ruth Elementary School - Rutland

Rutland - RU573

Ruby Park - Rudolf Pond Dam D-2849

Rudolf Reese Park - Ruggs Lake

Ruggs Post Office (historical) - Run Branch

Run Branch - Ruperto Tank

Rupes Grove Church - Rush Creek Site 19 Reservoir

Rush Creek Site 2 Dam - Rush Strong School (historical)

Rush Strong School - Russell Bend

Russell Bend - Russell Mill Pond Seaplane Base

RV Acres Campground - RVSD Store Water Well

RW Taylor - RWR Landing Strip

Ryal Canyon - Rye Creek Bridge

Rye Creek Reservoir Dam - Ryusenji Soto Mission

Río Abajo Barrio (inactive) - Ríos Barrio (inactive)

Nombres Geográficos Mundiales por Orden Alfabético



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