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M4 Ranch - M7 Dam

"Martin Luther King, Junior Student Center" - MacArthur

Madison Public Library - Madrona Point

Madrona Point - Maggie Chapel

Maggie Cordova Elementary - Magnolia Church (historical)

Magnolia Church (historical) - Magnolia-Wade Park Historic District

Magnolias at Dawn - Maher

Maheras Memorial Playground - Maid of Erin Mine

Maid of Erin Picnic Ground - Main Ditch

Main Ditch - Maineville

Mainey Branch - Makaiwa

Makaiwa - Malcolm Bridge

MacArthurs Junction - Macedonia Cemetery

Malcolm C Hursey Elementary School - Mallard Lake Lower Dam

Mallard Lake Lower - Malone Cemetery

Malone Cemetery - Malvern

Malvern - Manahawkin Creek

Manahawkin Lake Dam - Manchester Post Office

Manchester Post Office - Mangas

Mange Cemetery - Manion School (historical)

Manion School (historical) - Mann Hill

Mann Hill - Manns Pond Dam

Manns Pond - Mansfield Middle School

Macedonia Cemetery - Macedonia Church

Mansfield Middle School - Manuel Jara Elementary School

Manuel Labor School Historical Marker - Maple Beach Park

Maple Beach - Maple Grove Cemetery

Maple Grove Cemetery - Maple Head Creek

Maple Head Pond - Maple Plain

Maple Plains Fish Hatchery - Maple Valley Stock Farm

Maple Valley Trails - Maplewood School (historical)

Maplewood School (historical) - Marathon Lake Dam

Marathon Lake Recreation Area - Marbletown School

Marbletown - Marcy Field

Macedonia Church - Machine Hollow

Marcy Green Center - Margarita Peak

Margarita Tank - Maricao Fish Hatchery

Maricao Municipio - Marina Post Office

Marina Puerto Chico - Marion County Sheriff's Office

Marion County Sheriff's Office - Mariposa County Law Library

Mariposa County Park - Market Place Shopping Center

Market Place Shopping Center - Markum Hollow

Markum Lake Number 1 Dam - Marlow Post Office

Marlow Post Office - Marr Branch

Marr Branch - Marsh Cemetery

Machine House Cemetery - Mackeys Mill (historical)

Marsh Cemetery - Marshal Scottys Playland

Marshalee Estates - Marshall Lodge Memorial Hospital

Marshall Lutheran Church - Marshwood Junior High School

Marshwood Reservoir - Martin and Janet Ozinga Chapel

Martin Area County Park - Martin Creek

Martin Creek - Martin Luther Evangelical Lutheran School

Martin Luther Evangelistic Church - Martin Spring

Martin Spring - Martins Corner Fire Station

Martins Corner School (historical) - Maruro Lake

Marva Lakes - Mary E Costello Elementary School

Mackeys Mountain - Macon Post Office (historical)

Mary E Curley Middle School - Mary Queen of Peace Catholic School

Mary Queen of Peace Catholic School - Marys Creek

Marys Creek - Masgrove Spring

Mash Barrel Spring - Mason Hall

Mason Hall - Masonic Park

Masonic Park - Massey Cemetery

Massey Cemetery - Matador Ranch Number 3 Dam

Matador Ranch Number 4 Dam - Mathew Lake

Mathew Meadow - Matlock Ridge

Matlock School (historical) - Matthews Cemetery

Macon Post Office (historical) - Maddox Branch

Matthews Cemetery - Maud Mountain

Maud Point - Maurertown Brethren Church

Maurertown - Max

Max - Maxwell Post Office (historical)

Maxwell Post Office - Maya Angelou Public Charter School

Maya Angelou See Forever Primary Charter School Evans Campus - Mayfield Dam

Mayfield Dam - Maynard Fork School (historical)

Maynard Fork - Mays Point

Mays Pond Dam D-3038 - Ma‘ulili Bay

Ma‘ulili - Ma�ya

Maddox Branch - Madison Country Club

Madison Country Club - Madison Public Library

MB Johnson Park - MBW Number One Mine

Mc Allister Butte - McArthur Creek

McCrum Park - McDaniel Branch

McDaniel Branch - McDonald Ditch

McDonald Ditch - McDougald-McLendon Gymnasium

McDougall Branch - McEwen Draw

McEwen Estate Dam - McGaughey School (historical)

McGaughey Swamp - McGinn Brook

McGinn Creek - McGregor Lakes

McGregor Lakes - McIihenny School

McIiwee Ridge - McKamy Meadow

McKamy Middle School - McKelvy Hollow

McArthur Crossroads - McCafe School

McKelvy House - McKillip Lake

McKillip Mountain - McKinley Village

McKinley Vocational High School (historical) - McKnight Cemetery

McKnight Cemetery - McLean School

McLean School - McMaster Ranch

McMaster Reservoir Number 4 - McMurry Meadows

McMurry Methodist Episcopal Church South - McNeill Cemetery

McNeill Cemetery - McQueen Hollow

McQueen Industrial Park - McWilliams

McWillie Post Office (historical) - McZena

McCaferdy Run - McCard Pit Number One

McCardell Academy - McCauley Park

McCauley Park - McClendon Lake Dam

McClendon Lake Dam - McColleys Branch

McCollin Ranch - McCord South Lake

McCord - McCoy Gulch

McCoy Gulch - McCroy 4-H Camp

MD State Campground - Mdnoname1 Dam

Me Campbell Ranch - Meadow Brook Farm (historical)

Meeds Lake - Megown Springs

Megquier Hill - Melcore Acres Subdivision

Melcott Dam - Melrose Hose Company Number 1

Melrose Hospital - Melvin School (historical)

Melvin School - Memorial Gymnasium

Memorial Gymnasium - Memorial Park

Memorial Park - Memphis Heights

Memphis Heritage Christian School - Menefee Bayou

Menefee Cemetery - Mentor Acres

Mentor Avenue Cemetery - Merchandise Mart

Meadow Brook Farm - Meadow Creek

Merchandise Peaks - Merenaught Farms Lake Dam

Merenaught Farms Lake - Merkley Mountain

Merkley Park - Merrill Mission (historical)

Merrill Mountain - Merriweathers Bar

Merriwether Bend - Mesa Fiesta Power Center Shopping Center

Mesa Gallina - Meseinom Renong

Meseinom Rewu - Messers Bridge

Messers Pond Dam D-1676 - Metcalfe Cemetery

Metcalfe County School - Metro Christian School

Metro Church of Christ - Metum

Meadow Creek - Meadow Park

Mety and Gorin Mill - Meyer Ditch

Meyer Ditch - Mezzalingua Humanities Center

Meadow Park - Meadowbrook Park

Meadowbrook Park - Meadows Museum

Meadows Number One Mine - Meaux

Meay - Medfield State Hospital Medical Library

Medfield State Hospital - Medicine Mound

Medicine Mounds - Meed Lake

MF Ranch - MFL Mar Mac Community Schools

MGM Claims - MGV Mine

Mhoon Bend Revetment - MH15 Heaps Peak-US Forest Service Heliport

M'iil - Miami

Middle Pasture Tank - Middle Rocky Creek

Middle Rosary Lake - Middle Village

Middle Village - Middlesex Fells

Middlesex Hall - Midget Lake

Midget Lake - Midtown Plaza Shopping Center

Midtown Plaza Shopping Center - Midway Church

Midway Church - Midway Tank

Midway Tank - Mifflin

Mifflin - Milan Branch

Milan Bridge - Mile Run

Miami-Dade Community College - North Campus - Michigan (historical)

Mile Run - Milford Community Fire Department

Milford Community Methodist Church - Milk River Canal A

Milk River Coulee - Mill Branch

Mill Branch - Mill Creek County Forest Preserve

Mill Creek County Park - Mill Creek

Mill Creek - Mill Creek

Mill Creek - Mill Creek

Mill Creek - Mill Grove (historical)

Mill Grove Cemetery - Mill Pond Park

Mill Pond Park - Mill Run

Michigan (historical) - Mid-America Planning Region

Mill Run - Millbrook Pond

Millbrook Post Office (historical) - Miller Canyon

Miller Canyon - Miller Creek

Miller Creek - Miller Hill

Miller Hill - Miller Pond

Miller Pond - Miller Trail

Miller Trail - Millersburg Elementary School

Millersburg Elementary School - Millingport School

Millingport - Mills Hall

Mills Heights - Milltown Post Office (historical)

Mid-America Sports Complex Park - Middle Branch Rush River

Milltown Post Office - Milrose David Dam Number 2

Milrose David Reservoir Number 2 - Milwaukee River Tamarack Lowlands and Dundee Kame State Natural Area

Milwaukee River - Mine Canyon

Mine Canyon - Mineral Bay Recreational Site

Mineral Bayou - Mineral Springs Station (historical)

Mineral Springs Township 9 - Mingo Knob

Mingo Lake Dam - Minktrap Point

Minkum Creek - Minnick

Minnick - Mint Branch

Mint Brook - Miracle Temple Church

Middle Branch Russian Gulch - Middle Creek

Miracle Temple Church - Miry Branch

Miry Branch - Mission Creek Cemetery

Mission Creek Cemetery - Mission Station San Francisco Post Office

Mission Street Congregational Church - Missoula Rural Fire District Station 6

Missoula Snow Bowl - Mitchell Branch

Mitchell Branch - Mitchell Hollow

Mitchell Hollow - Mitchell-McLaren Cemetery

Mitchell-Moore Cemetery - Mizpah

Mizpah - Mił'o'lmkhw Point

Middle Creek - Middle Fork Coquille River

Middle Fork Corbus Creek - Middle Fork Ridge

Middle Fork Right Fork Buckhannon River - Middle Indian Spring

Middle Inlet Lookout Tower - Middle Pasture Tank

MJ Creek - MJB Trailer Court

MK Conklin Park - MK Conklin Park

M'Ladies Mountain - Mlsna D 2592.2 Dam

MMK Dam Number 1 - MMW-1 Water Well

Mn Chavez Reservoir Number 1 - Mn Chavez Reservoir Number 1

MO Nine Mine - Moccasin Gap

Monroe County Emergency Medical Services Squad 1 Antioch - Monroe

Monroe - Montana Creek

Montana Creek - Monte Cristo Creek

Monte Cristo Elementary School - Monterey Elementary School

Monterey Elementary School - Montezuma Hills

Montezuma Honor Camp - Montgomery Hill

Montgomery Hill - Monticello Pumping Station

Monticello Raceway - Montrose

Montrose - Monument Ridge

Monument Ridge - Moody Wash

Moccasin Gap - Modlin Branch

Moody - Moona

Moonachie Creek - Moore Branch

Moore Branch - Moore Elementary School

Moore Elementary School - Moore School (historical)

Moore School (historical) - Moores Grove Lookout

Moores Grove Park - Moose Creek Butte

Moose Creek Buttes - Moose-horn Mobile Home Park

Moose-Willow Number 1 Dam - Morang Corner

Morang Cove - Moreno Elementary School

Moreno Gulch - Morgan Creek Number 1 Dam

Modlin Creek - Mohall Municipal Airport

Morgan Creek Oil Field - Morgan Pond

Morgan Pond - Morgel (historical)

Morgenroth Lake - Morning Glory Mine

Morning Glory Mine - Morningside Baptist Church

Morningside Baptist Church - Morris and Caple Tunnel

Morris and Dorothy Haskins Ariel Theatre - Morris Hospital

Morris House - Morrison Cemetery

Morrison Cemetery - Morro Bay Power Plant

Morro Bay Presbyterian Church - Mortimer L Schiff Boy Scout Reservation

Mortimer Lake Dam - Moscow Cemetery

Mohall - Mokane

Moscow Cemetery - Moshannon Valley Area Schools

Moshannon Valley Baptist Church - Mosquito Lake

Mosquito Lake - Moss Number Two Mine Pond Dam

Moss Number 2 Mine and Preparation Plant - Moten Before and After School Care

Moten Cemetery - Moudy Hill

Mouflon Reef - Mound Springs

Mound Springs - Mount Angel Post Office

Mount Angel - Mount Bethel Baptist Church

Mount Bethel Baptist Church - Mount Calvary Cemetery

Mount Calvary Cemetery - Mount Canaan Chapel

Mokano - Molloy Gas Field

Mount Canaan Church (historical) - Mount Carmel Church

Mount Carmel Church - Mount Carroll Historic District

Mount Carroll Post Office - Mount Dora Boating Center and Marina

Mount Dora Center for the Arts - Mount Forest

Mount Foresta - Mount Greylock Regional High School

Mount Greylock Ski Club - Mount Herman Church

Mount Herman Church - Mount Hope Cemetery

Mount Hope Cemetery - Mount Horeb Church

Mount Horeb Church - Mount Kineo

Mount Kineo - Mount Lyon Gordon

Molloy Hollow - Monarch Montessori School Kindergarten

Mount Macajna - Mount Moriah Cemetery

Mount Moriah Cemetery - Mount Nebo Cemetery

Mount Nebo Cemetery - Mount Olive Baptist Church

Mount Olive Baptist Church - Mount Olive Church

Mount Olive Church - Mount Olive Church

Mount Olive Church - Mount Olivet Cemetery

Mount Olivet Cemetery - Mount Pheasant Bay

Mount Pheasant - Mount Pisgah School (historical)

Mount Pisgah School (historical) - Mount Pleasant Cemetery

Mount Pleasant Cemetery - Mount Pleasant Church

Monarch Mountain - Monger Elementary School

Mount Pleasant Church - Mount Pleasant School

Mount Pleasant School - Mount Roberts

Mount Robinson Mine - Mount Sherman School (historical)

Mount Sherman Volunteer Fire Department - Low Gap Substation - Mount Starr King

Mount Starr King - Mount Talbert

Mount Talbot - Mount Vernon Cemetery

Mount Vernon Cemetery - Mount Vernon Shopping Center

Mount Vernon Shopping Center - Mount Werner

Mount Werner - Mount Zion Baptist Church

Mount Zion Baptized Holiness Church - Mount Zion Cemetery

Monger Hill - Mono County

Mount Zion Cemetery - Mount Zion Church

Mount Zion Church - Mount Zion Church

Mount Zion Church - Mount Zion School (historical)

Mount Zion School (historical) - Mountain Chapel Calvary (historical)

Mountain Chapel United Baptist Church - Mountain Home Spring Branch

Mountain Home Spring - Mountain Rest Post Office (historical)

Mountain Rest School (historical) - Mountain View Baptist Church

Mountain View Baptist Church - Mountain View Mine

Mountain View Mines - Mountainview

Mountainview - Mowrey Hall

Mono Craters Observation Site - Monroe County District Library

Mowrey Landing - Moñtanas Aymamón

MPC-2 Mine - Mplha Heliport

Mr and Mrs Clyde E Thomas Hall - Mrytle Reservoir

Ms Bunnys Child Development Center - MSU Adit Mine

M&T Bank Stadium - Mtount George Cemetery

M'uw - Mud Creek

Muelle 15 - Mulberry Creek

Mulberry Creek - Mule Dam

Mule Deer Flat Reservoir - Mullberry Plaza

Mullberry Street Elementary School - Mullins Municipal Court

Mullins Park - Mundy's Mill Middle School

Mundys Corner - Munsey Park Elementary School

Munsey Park - Murietta Campground

Murietta Canyon - Murphy Lake

Murphy Lake - Murray City Volunteer Fire Department

Murray City - Murrells Inlet - Garden City Fire District Station 2

Mud Creek - Mud Fork

Murrells Inlet Census Designated Place - Museum of the Gulf Coast

Museum of the High Plains - Muskrat Hollow

Muskrat Junction State Wildlife Management A - Mustang Spring

Mustang Spring - Muñoz Torruellas

Mud Fork - Mud Lake

Mud Lake - Mud Lake

Mud Lake - Mud Pond

Mud Pond - Mud Spring

Mud Spring - Mudd Lake

Mudd Park Number 2 - Muddy Gap

Muddy Granger Creek - Muelle de Ponce

MW 5 Water Well - Mwudoketik

My Airport - Myetta Church

Myette Point Church - Myrtle Spring

Myrtle Spring - Myung Sung Presbyterian Church

Māhie Point - Mū‘olea

M A and K A Dickson Airport - M.K. Shaft Mine

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